Terry M. West Director of Flesh for the Beast and Satan's Schoolgirls. by Allen Richards
Wayne Alan Harold Director of Killer Nerd and Townies. by Allen Richards
Matthew Jason Walsh Director of Bloodletting. by Allen Richards
Jay Woelfel Director of Trancers 6 and Demonicus. by Allen Richards
Andy Copp Director of Mutilation Man and The Atrocity Circle. by Allen Richards
Joe Castro director of Terror Toons and Near Death. by Allen Richards
J.R. Bookwalter Director of The Dead Next Door and Polymorph. by Allen Richards
Tim Ritter Director of Killing Spree and Dirty Cop, No Donut. by Allen Richards
Richard Anasky by Tim Ritter
Gary Whitson by Tina Krause
Bill Cassinelli by Steve McNaughton
Justice Howard by Wendell Redding
Scooter McCree by Wendell Redding
Eric Stanze by Wendell Redding
Robert Massetti by Wendell Redding


Kelly Laymon by Michael Purfield
John R. Platt by Michael Purfield
Lucifer Fulci by Michael Purfield
John Turi by Michael Purfield
Jenny Orosel by Michael Purfield


Darian Caine by Douglas Waltz
Zoe Moonshine by Douglas Waltz
Robyn Griggs by Allen Richards
Misty Mundae by Bruce G. Hallenbeck
Felicia Pandolfi
Stephanie Beation


D.J. Perry
Joel Wynkoop Part 1, Part 2 New!

Coming Soon, Conrad Brooks


Mike Baron by John Dalton
Gary Carlson by John Dalton
D.G. Chichester by John Dalton
Peter David by John Dalton
Tom Defalco by John Dalton
Jay Faeber by John Dalton
Steve Gerber by John Dalton
Steve Grant by John Dalton
David Goyer by Doug Wilkinson
Geoff Johns by Doug Wilkinson
Dan Jurgens by John Dalton
Joe Kelly by John Dalton
Jeff Mariotte by John Dalton
John Ostrander by John Dalton
Walt Simonson by John Dalton
Roger Stern by Doug Wilkinson
Marv Wolfman by John Dalton