Darian Caine

by Douglas Waltz

Douglas Waltz: What got you started working with Seduction Cinema?

Darian Caine: I was working in the mainstream market. I had had enough with jewelry catalogs and extra work on television. I was introduced to agent Stuart Young who had worked with Seduction Cinema.

DW: How did you become the trademark logo of Seduction Cinema?

DC: I guess at the time VAMPIRE SEDUCTION was doing very well for Seduction Cinema. We had just finished shooting EROTIC WITCH PROJECT and they had some promo shots from that. So, it was time for them to have a logo.

DW: Besides working for Seduction Cinema you have also done work for William Hellfire, Joseph Zaso and Andreas Schnaas. Do you have a preference in who you work for?

DC: My first Seduction Cinema shoot was with John Bacchus in GIRL EXPLORES GIRL: THE ALIEN ENCOUNTER. Since then I always have felt more comfortable working with John. They're all very professional and have their own way of shooting.

DW: Besides movies what else do you do?

DC: My website (www.dariancaine.com) takes up a lot of my time. I run it completely by myself. I shoot regularly for it, photos, video clips and live video shows. I also love to cook and spend time with my animals.

DW: What animals do you have?

DC: I have three cats and two dogs; a rat terrier and a Rottweiler puppy.

DW: In GLADIATOR EROTICUS your voice is obviously dubbed. Why did they do that?

DC: (Laughs) Mike and John will never live this down. I guess there was a problem with the sound and they thought it worked well for the film.

DW: In SATAN'S SCHOOL FOR LUST you get to play the Devil. How was the experience in making that film?

DC: Not what I expected. I had a small role. About three to four months later they had me come in and shoot some more so, I really had no idea what was going on in the film until I got a copy of it.

DW: In LUST FOR DRACULA (which you were fantastic in, by the way) you are the star of the picture. It's not called LUST FOR MISTY or LUST FOR JULIAN WELLES, yet when it comes to bonus features you don't get an interview segment of your own. Any reason why?

DC: I guess you will have to ask Seduction Cinema.

DW: Having run the gamut from slapstick comedy like THE SEXY ADVENTURES OF VAN HELSING to the aforementioned LUST FOR DRACULA, which kind of role do you prefer?

DC: I've always had a sense of humor and creating my own ideas into the comedy roles. However, I enjoy the dynamic of playing the more serious roles like VAMPIRE OBSESSION, ROXANNA, etc.

DW: In NIKOS THE IMPALER you have an incredible death scene where Nikos basically pummels you to death in the shower. How hard was it to film that scene?

DC: The hardest part was avoiding the tiny metal pieces on Nikos' costume.

DW: In MUMMY RAIDER where you play Misty's sweet and kind of innocent lover your director was Brian Paulin. Now, Brian is better known for his horror and action films. How was it working with him?

DC: Brian's a great guy. We had little time to shoot and a small place. He never lost his smile through the entire shoot. I enjoyed working with him.

DW: Is there any role that you would love to play and haven?t been given the opportunity to?

DC: There is, but it may be in the works.

DW: What is a typical week like for Darian Caine?

DC: Shooting, editing, uploading, writing to girls for some of my movie roles, signing autographs, mailing out merchandise, dog obedience school, scheduling times and locations, cooking, food shopping, trying to respond to every email and phone call and fitting in when to sleep.

DW: When you're not being the object of desire for millions of fans what do you like to do?

DC: (laughs) All of the above.

DW: The lesbian scenes in many of your films look quite real and naturalistic. Do they ever go farther than the camera allows us to see?

DC: All the directors I have worked with are very professional and have set times to keep. It would not fit in the time schedule.

DW: And speaking of lesbian scenes. Do you have a favorite partner for these scenes?

DC: I love to work with almost everybody.

DW: Is there anything about your career that you would change if you could?

DC: I've been very satisfied with my career so far.

DW: Is there anything you can tell us about upcoming features you will be in?

DC: I am looking forward to KINKY KONG and an After Hours Cinema project still in post production.

DW: What does the future hold for Darian Caine?

DC: I am shooting my own video collection. Some of my fantasy stories and some home videos like, MY PLEASURES.

DW: How many tattoos do you have and do any of them hold a special significance for you?

DC: I have five. They all hold something special for me. Caine, on my right ankle is for my Rottweiler that passed away on March of last year.

DW: Thank you again for this opportunity to talk with you Darian.

DC: Thank you.

Darian Caine
Seduction Cinema