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November 27, 2001

The official HELL ASYLUM Trailer is now online at director Danny Draven's website.


November 26, 2001

DUDEZ Productions is pleased to announce that their short SPACEMEN, GO-GO GIRLS AND THE TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS is now available for sale. the video also includes the sequel SPACEMEN, GO-GO GIRLS AND THE GREAT EASTER HUNT as well as the short CLOWNING AROUND and bonus features such as go-go dancer auditions.

Dudez Productions


RECALLING GATRI is the official title of The Chronicles of Gatri episode two. Work on this ambitious episode of the British zero-budget indie web-movie is almost complete, and to whet your appetite the teaser trailer is now online to download FREE from our website

We anticipate having the finished feature online for free downloading in Div-X AVI video format by the close of January 2002.

In RECALLING GATRI, Morris-Henshaw reprises his role as Alex Monday, the timerous but devious central character in LOOKING FOR GATRI (still currently available to download in 3 acts). Andrew Knight joins the regular cast as The Reverend, a blind Church of England vicar with whom Alex hopes to entrust The Mundicon - an ancient tome of eldritch knowledge. Ruth Elizabeth co-writes (with creator Andrew john Morris) and directs this episode, riding high on the acclaim her recent short Uncanny Egypt (now available to download from ) recieved after being posted on - Britiain's premier movie magazine's official website.

Spanning 1000 years during it's narrative, this episode was shot on location accross England and Wales, including Caerphilly Castle of Wales and the famous Mug House Pub in Worcester. This episode once again features the beguiling music of Sean Jeffery and a brand new title sequence by American artist/musician/webdesigner (and a gentleman) Shane Semler.

MalleuS Independent Motion Pictures

November 25, 2001

An advanced screening of The Masucci Brothers latest flick, Murphy's Law will be shown Tuesday, December 4th at the Upstate Independents (the Albany, NY Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers Salon) monthly meeting at The Arts Center, 265 River Street, Troy, New York. Doors open at 6PM.

Joe and Dan Masucci are privileged to take part in the largest New Year's celebration in Northeastern New York by premiering Murphy's Law at First Night Saratoga 2002 (Saratoga, New York). Their film will be part of a mini-film festival (Joe Glickman's Filmmakers' Forum) to take place between 6PM - 11:30PM. For ticket information, events and schedules please visit the official site for First Night Saratoga 2002.

Fountain Head Pictures


After Midnight Premiere

Date: Saturday, December 1, 2001
Time: 7:00PM - 11:00PM EST (GMT-05:00)

World Premiere of After Midnight at the World Trade Center in Boston.

After Midnight
Random Foo

November 24, 2001

Three new films are on the way from director Donald Farmer, and four of his older films have debuted on DVD this year.

Farmer, last seen in a rare acting role as "Simon" in director Tim Ritter's DIRTY COP 2 - I AM A PIG, reports that his 1988 films CANNIBAL HOOKERS and SAVAGE VENGEANCE (starring Camille "I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE" Keaton) are available on DVD from His 1995 Dana Plato/Brigitte Nielsen thriller COMPELLING EVIDENCE is available in a Region 2, German language DVD from The film's U.S. video re-release earlier this year from Leo Films is still available from Finally, Farmer's Civil War melodrama BLOOD AND HONOR starring Michelle (CHAINSAW HOOKERS) Bauer and Miles (TARZAN THE APE MAN) O'Keeffe is now on dvd from Brentwood DVD, and is available from Amazon, Ken Crane, Big Star and other major DVD suppliers.

Looking to 2002, Farmer will have three new films released throughout the year. First up is his erotic horror film EROTIC VAMPIRE IN PARIS (aka VAMPIRE OF NOTRE DAME) starring Misty Mundae and set for release by Seduction Cinema at RED LIPS 2 starring Debbie Rochon will debut through Sub Rosa Video later in 2002. This sequel to 1994's RED LIPS (starring Michelle Bauer) was filmed on location in New York City and St. Petersburg, Russia! Also, editing has finally wrapped on Farmer's horror mystery BODY SHOP starring William Smith and Robert (MANIAC COP) Z'Dar, with special effects from Brett (THEY BITE) Piper. Co-starring are Rachael Robbins (last seen on the Playboy Channel's SEX COURT) and Seduction Cinema favorite Tina Krause.

November 23, 2001

Well it seems to be a pretty slow news month so I'm going to share a few special deals with you guys that come from members of the message boards. Before you decide to pass, do me a favor and visit these guy's websites.

First up, Steve Sessions is selling DVD copies of his underground film CREMAINS for $13.00. Visit his website for more details. I recently reviewed the DVD and found it well worth the money. It stars Jeff Dylan Graham, Lilith Stabbs, Kimberly Lynn Cole, and my local 80's horror host Count Gore Devol.


The next deal comes from Evil Arab Production and Extreme Entertainment. You can order both Todd Sheet's CATACOMBS and ZOMBIEBLOODBATH 3 for only $25 + 4 shipping. If you're into extreme underground horror, it gets no more sick and disgusting than Todd Sheets! Send payments to:

Evilarab Productions
P. O. Box 333
Olathe, KS


Extreme Entertainment

November 18, 2001

Chris Watson sent in the following bit of info:

The producer of "Mob Daze" (see is producing another film called "Minds of Terror". Robert Z'Dar (Maniac Cop) and Joe Estevez are among the confirmed cast members. It's being shot all around the world including Australia, New Zealand, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Los Angeles, New York, Missouri and more.

Robert Z'Dar
Mob Daze

November 17, 2001

My quarterly phone call from Ed Wood staple Conrad Brooks came in this afternoon and he had loads of news to share. The first of which concerns the recent death of actor Gary Schroeder who played the military man in Brooks' JAN-GAL: THE BEAST FROM THE EAST. Schroeder was found in a coma while in his bathtub. After 7 weeks, he past away at Walter Reed Hospital. Schroeder is the 4th person from JAN-GEL who has passed away.

In lighter news, after 4 years, Brooks has finally completed his most recent effort, JAN-GEL RETURNS. You can order this movie directly from Conrad at a discount rate of $20 if you mention my name and Send orders to Conrad directly at:

PO Box 1192
Falling Waters, WV 25419

Also, look for Conrad to next appear in a sci-fi effort titled NERVE. The 71 year old actor finished work on the film 3 weeks ago. Conrad says it wasn't an easy shoot for him. Heart Attach scares and tinnitus have plagued the actor making work difficult.

November 16, 2001

Jeff Dylan Graham has just wrapped shooting a co-starring role in "Dead & Rotting" for Full Moon Pictures and Tempe Entertainment. Shooting took place in Akron, Ohio under the direction of fx man David Barton (The Vault), and was executive produced by J.R. Bookwalter (Witchouse 2). It was produced by Tammi Sutton (Killjoy 2), and Trent Haaga (Terror Firmer). It also stars Steven O'Mahoney, Tom Hoover (Polymorph), Debbie Rochon (Tromeo & Juliet), and Trent Haaga (Citizen Toxie). You can also catch appearances by Barbara Katz-Norrod (The Sandman), and James L. Edwards (Bloodletting) Look for it on Video and DVD in March.

Pictures can be found on Jeff's website at:


From Drop Dead Films:

"Okay... Let's play bad news, good news people. First the bad news... VH1 has put it's hidden camera comedy show, Sledgehammer, temporarily on hiatus. After only five episodes, VH1 decided (for reasons unknown) to shelve it, despite ratings that not only started strong, but were actually growing with each new episode. Word on the street is that the show is supposed to start airing again in January, but we'll believe it when we see it. AND NOW FOR THE REALLY HUMUNGOUS, GREAT, SUPER NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Drop Dead Films' very own Matthew Giaquinto has sold one of his scripts! The company is Cornerstone Entertainment ( Extreme Honor). They are a new merger between money man / business guru / producer Jeff Harrier and visual effects maestro John Follmer (Cast Away, Blow, Driven, Impostor, Red Planet). While Giaquinto is keeping exact details to himself (the bastard), he did leak out that the contract was something in the neighborhood of a low six figure deal that included back end points, sole writing credit and first right refusal on any possible sequel. The movie is Fated - a discussion of destiny and the Fates - the three witches from Greek Mythology and how they relate to modern religion and society set against the backdrop of a teen horror film. Production is expected to get under way this spring with a budget under five million."

Drop Dead Films


The Filipino American CineArts (FACINE) will be holding the 8th annual Filipino American Cine Festival and Competition at the Koret Auditorium, San Francisco Main Library, Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 17-18. The festival showcases new works by and/or about Filipinos and Filipino Americans. Admission is free! For more information, call 415-355-0456 or e-mail

At this festival they will be screening LETHAL FORCE. The screening will be on Sunday, November 18 at 2 PM, Koret Auditorium, San Francisco Main Library.

Lethal Force

November 10, 2001

Sorry about the lack of News updates this week. That pesky respitory infection that gave me such a beating last year has decided to make an encore appearence. Hopefully this won't delay things too much in the long run, but it will really mess things up for the near future.



While LETHAL FORCE has been playing the festival, Action Man Eric Thornett has been busy making his slam bang Sci-Fi Kung Fu Action Flick FIFTH CITY and will soon be starting his moody, gothic mystery SHOCKHEADED very very soon.

Eric says, "the last night of shooting went down Saturday night at we shot a cameo scene by Mike Z in Baltimore, where he calls his mother a mean name over the phone and has his head explode. Anything weird happen? Not a whole lot, except for some random crazy guy who came out from nowhere and started talking to us in that indecipherable way crazy folk do, and then he got in Mike's face and started dancing. I have to say that this guy chose the wrong night to pull this crap, as I was robbed at gunpoint in that very city only a few days before, so I did have my trusty fighting knife with me this time and I was ready to use it if he gave me cause. Thankfully he decided to wander off instead and spare us all a bit of unwanted nastiness.

"So Mike was a great sport and did the scene, even though I think I made him feel like an idiot, having to react to imaginary laser beams and such. However, he pulled through like the pro that he is.

"Incidentally, I was in Baltimore attending a showing of LETHAL FORCE at Microcinefest, and it picked up both the jury and audience awards. Plus it recently tied with Eric Stanze's SCRAPBOOK for the B-Movie Film Festival's Best Picture, so I guess Alvin and Eric will have to fight over it. I think it's possible he can take the Wicked Pixel boys, because he knows kung fu, but Eric Stanze has guys who make heads explode at will, so it could be even. The only person to win any individual awards for LF was me, for Best Cinematography and Action Scene.

"Now when I say that FIFTH CITY is wrapped, that's only mainly true. Basically, all of the major scenes are finished. Eric Stanze and D.J. Vivona still have their cameos to put to tape, but they will be shooting that themselves and sending it in. I may add a few cameos as time goes on, and I imagine every now and then I'll shoot a few extra inserts to add. But the movie, to paraphrase Bizarro Superman, am done.

"So now editing starts, right? Well hold on there pardners! FIFTH CITY is the last of the series, but there is still another movie to be made that goes betwixt 23 HOURS and this one. It is called SHOCKHEADED, and I truly don't know how to describe it. It's something the likes of which I've never made before, so we'll see how it works out. It's Piranha Pictures' version of an art film, except that lots of people get killed. As of now, the only actor firmly in the movie is Jason Wauer as the lead. I'm still sorting out the rest. But this is a very serious movie with no real action, so the question is, will I make it stupid, or can I reign in all of my natural impulses? Only time will tell! We will shoot this movie and edit it at the same time, and then finish FIFTH CITY up. I plan on shooting this film very fast, in under ten days if all goes well, and the editing will be just as quick, so it won't be much of a detour. Besides, while I'm doing this I'll be working on the effects for FIFTH CITY, which are extensive and numerous. Jason's been on a super-duper diet for awhile to get a starved-out anime look, and I'm going to be finalizing casting very soon, and shooting will begin

Lethal Force
Piranha Pictures


Danny Draven has also just finished editing "THE FRIGHTENING" a 35mm Cinemascope film for director David DeCoteau. You can view the trail on Danny's offical site.

Danny Draven wraps production and editing on his newest film, "HELL ASYLUM" formerly titled "Prison of the Dead 2". The film is currenly in it's final stages of Post-production and is due to be released sometime in Feb / March of 2002 on VHS and Special Edition (uncut!) DVD from Tempe Entertainment! (and let me say, the DVD will be loaded.)

Written by Troma veteran Trent Haaga (Toxic Avenger 4, Terror Firmer), the movie promises to be non-stop and plenty gory thanks to the gore FX of Mark Bautista. Produced by Tammi Sutton (Killjoy 2).


A desperate producer faced with unemployment has the ultimate reality television program ready to roll. "Chill Challenge" sends five sexy models into a haunted old building where years earlier an eccentric millionaire had kidnapped a handful of unsuspecting women in an effort to force them to be his brides. The idea is simple: Spend a night without leaving and walk away with a cool million bucks!

But what these sultry gals don't realize is, as they reveal their deepest, darkest fears to the probing eye of the camera, someone or someTHING is using those fears against them! As they are sent into the house alone, one at a time, to confront their nightmares...and an abomination that will kill them all!

We dare you to make it to the bloody finale of this motion picture without losing your own personal Chill Challenge! The body count has to be seen to be believed in HELL have been forewarned!

starring DEBRA MAYER (Blood Dolls), TANYA DEMPSEY (Shrieker, Witchouse 3), SUNNY LOMBARDO, STACEY SCOWLEY (Brotherhood 2), OLIMPIA FERNANDEZ (KillJoy 2), and TIM MUSKATELL (Troma's Unspeakable). With special appearances by JOE ESTEVEZ (Soultaker) and BRINKE STEVENS (Witchouse 3, Sorority Babes).

Danny Draven



EI Independent Cinema’s October releases Glass, Necktie and The Apprentice have the honor of being the indie label’s first two titles to experience a simultaneous VHS and DVD release, thus setting the stage for its future independent film releases. Glass, Necktie, written and directed by Paul Bojack, is a dark and kinky nouveau-noir tale of a married man involved in a bizarre sexual triangle that involves a secret two-way mirror and audio/video recordings. It features an original soundtrack by ex-DEVO frontman and film/TV composer Mark Mothersbaugh (Rushmore, The Rugrats). Josh Cameron’s action-packed thriller, The Apprentice, tells the story of a martial arts loner who joins up with an international band of mercenary assassins whose job it is to wipe the streets clean of hard-core criminals…or so he thinks. “With the unprecedented growth and expansion of the DVD format in the past year alone as well as the diversity of titles finding their way onto DVD, it was only a matter of time before EI decided that all new releases and all sell-through re-releases would experience the enhanced DVD touch,” according to EI Director of Acquisitions Jeffrey Faoro. “Of course, with this commitment comes the absolute necessity of creating a total DVD package for each release which means working with the best film or video elements and providing the types of DVD bonus features and supplemental materials that consumers have come to expect and demand from the format whether that is audio commentary by the filmmaker, a short film produced by the filmmaker, behind-the-scenes, outtakes, photo stills galleries, you name it. And EI is up to the task.”

EI Cinema



EI Independent and Shock-O-Rama Cinema are proud to announce the acquisition of Brian O’Hara’s shocking and outrageous horror/comedy, Rock’n’Roll Frankenstein. Critically acclaimed at over two-dozen international film festivals yet banned from U.S. festivals due to its graphic, over-the-top imagery and disturbing subject matter, the already infamous Rock’n’Roll Frankenstein is surely poised for instant cult status upon its release in 2002.

R’n’R Frankenstein finds a middle class mad scientist and his sleazy record producer uncle dead set on creating a new music superstar from the body parts of rock legends including Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix, Sid Vicious, Keith Moon, and Elvis. But things go bad when the “love tool” of Liberace accidentally winds up in the patchwork mix of legendary organs, parts and limbs. Reanimated and ready for stardom, the rockin’ ghoul experiences a violent, schizophrenic-like dilemma that pits two conflicting sexual libidos and two vehemently opposed organs against one another …and, naturally, people will pay with their lives! Combining cringe-inducing special fx, inspired performances, and joyously offensive material (bad taste done in good taste!) yet elevated by strong production value and a substantial budget, Rock’n’Roll Frankenstein will undoubtedly delight those fans with a taste for the extreme and the confrontational as well as those looking for a healthy dose of hilarious horror entertainment a la Reanimator and Brain Dead.

Rock and Roll Frankenstein



Seduction Cinema’s newest installment in the ongoing Erotic Witch Project series has just entered the post-production phase after shooting in Northern N.J. WITCHBABE: Erotic Witch Project 3, a period-piece prequel to SC’s The Erotic Witch Project and The Erotic Witch Project 2: Book of Seduction, travels back in time to the 1700’s and chronicles the plight of colonial Bacchusville’s local lesbian provocateur, Helena Pottsworth. A sexually liberated and erotically charged woman who seduces Bacchusville’s female citizenry, the anti-Puritanical Helena soon finds herself at odds with the mayor (but in TOTAL agreement with the mayor’s wife!) and branded as an outcast. Sent packing into the woods, it is her restless, insatiable, and sensual lesbian spirit that ultimately finds legend as the titular “Erotic Witch.”

WITCHBABE: EWP3 stars SC newcomer and brunette beauty Paige Richards (My Vampire Lover) as Helena Pottsworth, luscious Laurie Wallace (EW1, Girl Explores Girl, The Erotic Mirror) as the mayor’s insatiably horny wife, Misty Mundae (Mummy Raider, Playmate of the Apes) and Esmerelda DeLarocca (Gladiator Eroticvs, Mummy Raider) as Bacchusville lovelies seduced by Helena, Barbara Joyce (Sexy 6th Sense) as a Bacchusville civil servant, and B-movie legend Debbie Rochon (Gladiator Eroticvs, Mistress Frankenstein, Playmate of the Apes) as a modern-day reporter investigating the legend of the Erotic Witch. Witchbabe was written and directed by Terry M. West (Blood for the Muse, The Sexy 6th Sense, the upcoming Psycho Bitch) and promises to be a fun, ultra-erotic costumed extravaganza and, who knows?!?, unintentional parody of a film (The Blair Witch Project 3) that hasn’t even been released yet! It will be available in March 2002.


SC’s epic erotic sci-fi adventure, Play Mate of the Apes, is now in post-production following an intense yet successful August/September shoot. A parody of both the classic original and the impressive Tim Burton remake, Play Mate of the Apes stars Misty Mundae as a U.S. astronaut stranded with her lusty female co-pilots on a planet dominated by apes but destined for a good ol’ lesbian revolution. To these apes, the only good human is a naked female human, actually two – or three – naked female humans, doing the wild thing together, and raising a banana or two in the process. Don’t want to give too much away here, folks, so suffice to say that Play Mate will elevate gorilla filmmaking to a whole new level.

In addition to the nubile Ms. Mundae, Play Mate stars the dynamic and delectable Debbie Rochon as the sexiest simian you’ll ever want lay your filthy paws on, voluptuous lovelies Sharon Engert and Anoushka (Vampire Obsession) as astronauts who really know how to share a cockpit together, the always delicious Darian Caine as Uvula the wild woman, and hot newcomer Shelby as Eczema, the Warrior Princess. And what would a parody of the most famous film featuring talking apes be without great makeup? Well, you won’t have a chance to find out because long-time make-up artists Michael R. Thomas (Titanic 2000, Mistress Frankenstein) and Christene Domaniecki created and applied the spectacular ape make-up, hair, prosthetics, and appliances, thus transforming several key players into the kinds of walking, talking apes we’ve all come to know and love. Beautiful girls, awesome apes, impressive computer fx from wiz CGI man Frank Terranova. Play Mate of the Apes is going to be one helluva show – and Seduction Cinema’s most anticipated film ever. Look for it in February 2002.


Mummy Raider (directed by Brian Paulin) is complete, and you can count on its explosive blend of action, adventure, horror and eroticism to showcase Misty in a new and gloriously seductive light. If you thought Lara Croft – in the comic, game, or as portrayed by Angelina Jolie - looked way too good to be true, well, just wait until you feast your eyes on Misty’s young and scrumptious body packing a tight Croftian outfit in the most delectable ways. It can raise the dead, and, sure enough, Mummy Raider does indeed feature an Egyptian Mummy resurrected by the dastardly, egomaniacal neo-Nazi, Dr. Humboldt (Esmerelda DeLarocca), who must harness the wisdom and magic of Ancient Egypt in order to build a Fourth Reich. To that end, Humboldt has kidnapped renowned archaeologist Professor Cleve (Bruce Hallenbeck) and his daughter Kristen (Darian Caine) who hold the secret to resuscitating the ages-dead mummy. But when a beautiful woman – and the free world – faces peril, you can count on Misty Mundae to deliver them both from evil, and that’s exactly what she does, battling Humboldt’s henchmen and the lumbering mummy with big guns blazing, lethal fists flying, and silky skin baring, thus thwarting the heinous plan for world domination. And when the fightin’s finished, it’s time for the lovin’, and Misty, Kristen, and a suddenly penitent Humboldt get down to the real action…and you can bet hand-to-hand combat has never been so intimate. See Misty Mundae, Mummy Raider!

And if you just can’t get your fill of Misty and mummies, then stay tuned for her very naughty After Hours Cinema feature, Lust of the Mummy’s Tomb. In this saucy little number, Misty as devilish nymphette and university student discovers the remains of mummified Egyptian King I-Hop-Shank in her father’s secret study. Always the adventurous, curious, and supremely horny young woman, Misty tries every erotic means at her disposal to bring the mummy back to life…and succeeds! But when the mummy proves no match for her, Misty immerses herself in the study of Ancient Civilizations in the most intimate way; by lovingly exploring the voluptuous curves of a resurrected Egyptian Princess - King I-Hop-Shank’s mistress. It’s Misty as you have never seen her before, and that’s saying a lot!


Lights, camera, action! Production has just begun on The Seduction of Misty Mundae, the long-awaited directorial debut of Seduction Cinema President Michael Beckerman. Co-written by Beckerman and Clancey Fitzsimmons, and principally inspired by Joseph Sarno’s erotic classic Inga (see news on Inga below), The Seduction of Misty Mundae stars none other than SC starlet Misty Mundae as a young woman on the threshold of sexual maturity who is about to experience an erotic wakening of the lesbian kind. The film co-stars gorgeous SC newcomer Justine Case as Misty’s love interest, and expect the scenes between them to burn with equal parts tenderness, eager exploration, and insatiable lust. You will experience Misty’s girlish charms and unleashed sensuality as never before, and see why stunning Justine Case is top-billed right alongside her. Michael Beckerman says of his pet project, “I’ve always admired the films of Joseph Sarno, especially Inga, and I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of a young woman on the edge of sexual discovery and experimentation. That kind of situation creates an extremely provocative scenario where you can deal with all the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of a character who is not quite yet sexually mature or experienced, but learning fast! Of course, exploring the physical is the most fun, isn’t it? Hell, it’s a very beautiful thing, and I always wanted to make a picture that deals with the subject matter in that 70’s kinda way.” And we can’t wait to see the outcome, Mr. Beckerman. Production is scheduled throughout November for this very special SC film.


Seduction Cinema’s The Erotic Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mistress Hyde is currently in pre-production and scheduled for a Winter 2001/2002 shoot in Los Angeles. Written by veteran filmmaker/journalist Bruce G. Hallenbeck (Vampyre, The Witches of Sappho Salon, Misty Mundae Mummy Raider), this contemporary and erotic retelling of the Stevenson classic, “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde,” is to be helmed by Tony Marsiglia, director of SC’s upcoming The Witches of Sappho Salon. The Erotic Case of Dr. Jekyll will relate the tale of a beautiful yet sexually repressed psychologist serving as the guinea pig for her own experiments in female sexuality, and her transformation into a promiscuous and predatory alter ego with an insatiable appetite for women. Casting for this sensual and sinister film will begin soon, and SC will be sure to keep you updated as the film shifts into high gear.


In the post-production stage is the sumptuous and ultra-sexy Universal Horror-inspired Kiss of the Mummy from Frontline Entertainment and Donald F. Glut (Dinosaur Valley Girls, The Erotic Rites of Countess Dracula). Taking its cue from the classic mummy movies of the 30’s and 40’s, Kiss of the Mummy updates them with lesbian romance, action, adventure…and veteran ‘B’ movie heavy Richard Lynch (Battlestar Galactica, God Told Me To, Bad Dreams). It’s bound to be a winning combination, and SC will get you all the latest news as production of this erotic horror film unfolds in the upcoming months.


Over the years, Seduction Cinema has embraced within its releases several of horrordom’s most endearing and enduring types of monsters including vampires, ghosts, ghouls (Frankenstein), mummies, witches, and aliens. Well, now it’s time to add another time-honored creature to that distinguished list because An Erotic Werewolf in London has just wrapped production following principal photography on two continents. Shot in London as well as here in the states, An Erotic Werewolf in London stars Seduction Cinema beauty Anoushka (Vampire Obsession, Playmate of the Apes) as a lycanthropic lesbian fond of moonlit nights and toothsome women. But this she-wolf’s bark is much worse than its bite, though her “bite” has been known to transform a woman into a panting, snarling beast…that craves female lust. The film also stars Misty Mundae as a young woman who falls prey to the sexy monster. Bill Hellfire of Factory 2000 directs.


Seduction Cinema’s Erotic Survivor 2 has been scheduled for a February 2002 release. The follow-up to the immensely popular Erotic Survivor, itself a spoof of the smash hit reality television show Survivor, Erotic Survivor 2 pits two all-female tribes against one another in a series of sexy challenges and sensual lesbian alliances that will ultimately decide who will become the premiere “Erotic Survivor.” According to Seduction Cinema honcho Michael Beckerman, “The fans really enjoyed Erotic Survivor…they loved the characters, the wacky competitions, the scheming and back-stabbing, the naturalism of the performances, and, of course, the beautiful girls. But we decided that if we were to do a part two, it would have to involve not one but two tribes of females, thus upping the eroticism quotient. And that’s exactly what we did, so in this new installment, which, by the way, takes place in Africa, there’s less talking and a lot more action. And all is right with the world.” Erotic Survivor 2 boasts five luscious Seduction Cinema newcomers including Tiffany Sonders, Allanah Rhodes, Syn DeVille, Lora Renee, and Vanessa Del Sol as well as Katie Jordon (Erotic Witch Project 2), and you can count on them to bare all in the scorching savanna heat and in the heat of the moment.


Coming in January from Retro Seduction Cinema is the erotic sci-fi film, 2069: A Sex Odyssey.

Filmed in West Germany and directed by George Keil, 2069 follows the naughty exploits of five beautiful Venusian aliens after they land on Earth. The aliens’ mission: study the human male species to determine how it aids in reproduction, appropriate the necessary substance, and bring their “findings” back to Venus to help increase its dwindling female-only population. But these intergalactic space-babes quickly learn the language of love and what it feels like to experience untamed human pleasure, and they must decide if Earth is really the place to be.

Upon its release in 1974, 2069 quickly attained a cult status that can easily be attributed to its heady yet light-hearted mix of inspired silliness, campy sets and special fx, exotic locations, and ultra-sexy shenanigans. It was a time when drive-ins, midnight movies, and theatres exhibiting alternative fare reigned, and a film such as 2069, Flesh Gordon, or Cinderella 2000 (also coming next year from Retro Seduction Cinema!) could build quite a considerable word-of-mouth reputation and fan following that ultimately would lead each film into the hallowed halls of cultdom.

Both the Special Edition VHS and DVD release of 2069 features the uncut theatrical film plus the newly produced erotic featurette, The Seduction of Cyber Jane, starring Seduction Cinema lovely and Retro SC cover girl Misty Mundae. It’s going to be a great package, and one that will take you back in time to the good old days when the cinema wasn’t afraid of sex.


Time to rejoice! Experiencing its first ever officially licensed home video release, Joseph Sarno’s groundbreaking erotic masterpiece Inga has been scheduled for a February 2002 release on VHS and Collector’s Edition DVD, and it will be Retro Seduction Cinema’s most eagerly anticipated release ever. Filmed in Sweden in 1967 and starring the young Swedish beauty Marie Liljedahl, Inga single-handedly changed the course and face of erotica forever. Sarno’s pre-Inga films, shot in the United States, always dared to explore the deeper and darker aspects of human sexuality and psychology; his films were without doubt erotic and titillating, yet he was always able to infuse them with a thematic complexity and a richness of characterization that was unheard of in the genre. But with Inga, partially because it was filmed in Sweden (home to Ingmar Bergman, then the preeminent foreign film auteur) with sub-titled Swedish actors and photographed in black & white, all of which immediately lent it a European cinema sensibility, Sarno experienced a personal breakthrough while paving the way for an historic and welcome meeting of art house and exploitation.

Retro SC’s Deluxe DVD release of Inga will feature two uncut versions of the film newly transferred from the original film elements - the English-dubbed version as well as the subtitled Swedish language version, two theatrical trailers, audio commentary by director Joseph Sarno, a trailer for Sarno’s follow-up film The Seduction of Inga, and a new and exclusive interview with star Marie Liljedahl. An exquisite package for an exquisite and legendary film, and Retro Seduction Cinema is proud to make it available to all the fans who have been eagerly anticipating its definitive presentation for years.

Seduction Cinema

November 4, 2001

From Glen Baisley, taken from the Light and Dark Producions website.

Next week I start on the bonus features for the Fear of the Dark DVD. And in two weeks I am going to sit down and work on the screenplay for The Tenement - my next feature length movie which will be a horror anthology (yes, my first true one hundred percent horror movie). I will begin filming (or as Mike Gingold would have me say, "videotaping" because it's not being shot on film) as early as December. Check the casting page out because there will be lots of roles available. Shooting hopefully will be wrapped by August followed immediately by a shoot for a short entitled, Sins of the Father which ties into Fear of the Dark and The Tenement. We will be at both the January 5th and 6th Fangoria Weekend of Horrors convention in Brooklyn as well as the next Chiller Theatre convention to be held April 19-21

Light and Dark Productions


From Ron Ford:

I have recently hooked back up with William Combs, a producer and HOLLYWOOD MORTUARY fan from Northern California whom I have known from various conventions and fan gatherings. William has since launched Combs Pictures International, and we are now at work on several projects for early 2002.

First is THE CRAWLING BRAIN, a horror movie about the living brain of a Nazi scientist which feeds on the spinal fluid of the living. It will shoot in early January 2002.

Randal (HOLLYWOOD MORTUARY) Malone stars with Mark (DEADLY SCAVENGERS) Shady and Stephanie (WITCHCRAFT XI) Beaton. This is going to be a good one. The script is fast paced and fun, and we have a fantastic location in the home of Randal Malone. Also, top make-up FX man Chris Bergschneider is creating first-rate monster effects for us. He has built three different version of our brain, a creature which should out-fiend the Fiend Without a Face. The first version, the "stunt brain," is a foam rubber brain and spinal column which can be thrown around, pinned to actresses backs, or wrapped around their neck -- That sort of thing. Next we have the "hero brain" for close-up. It has bladders to simulate undulating convolutions on the evil organ. The "puppet brain" is of course for when the brain is seen moving or crawling. The monster will be amazing. Far beyond anything previously seen in any of my movies.

Next in line for Combs, I will be reediting a movie he made years ago but which was never properly posted. William wants to change the title, too, but I love the old one: DRUG CRAZED ZOMBOIDS FROM DANCE HALL HELL. You can't get more "Decoteau" than that!

Next for William I am writing a murder thriller called DEAD SEASON, an emulation of the films of Bava and Argento. More on that later as production details develop.

Ron Ford

November 2, 2001


"Lethal Force" and "Scrapbook" Tie for Top Honors in the B-Movie Film Festival Awards

SYRACUSE, NY, October 31, 2001 -- Alvin Ecarma's "Lethal Force" and Eric Stanze's "Scrapbook" tied for both Best B-Movie and Best Director honors in the third annual B-Movie Film Festival Awards. The awards were originally voted on prior to the festival's anticipated premiere, which was scheduled for September 15-16 in Syracuse, NY, but was postponed and later cancelled following the events of September 11. The festival organizers decided it was appropriate to hold the announcement of the award winners in time for Halloween, keeping in the tradition of the holiday and its unique connection to B-Movies.

"Scrapbook," a grisly drama about a serial killer who forces his captive to keep a diary of her imprisonment, won two additional B-Movie Awards for Tommy Biondo's screenplay and for Biondo's performance as Best B-Movie Villain (Sadly, 26 year old Tommy Biondo died from injuries sustained while on a shoot in Minnesota only days after SCRAPBOOK completed post-production. He never saw the finished movie). "Lethal Force," an adventure flick which paid tribute to the martial arts and blaxploitation genres, picked up the awards for Best Cinematography and Best Action Sequence.

The acting awards were spread across four different films. Neil Maffin was cited as Best Actor for his role in "A Moment in Time" and Lorri Bagley won Best Actress for her performance in "Peroxide Passion." Mike Legge won Best Supporting Actor honors in the comedy "Curtains" and Paulina Galvez was named Best Supporting Actress for her role in "Tatawo," a Spanish drama that won the Best Foreign Film Award.

The Australian oceanographic journey "Aliens of the Sea" snagged the Best Documentary prize, while the reggae soundtrack for the Jamaican thriller "Third World Cop" captured the award for Best Musical Score. Other winning films included "Beware" for Best Editing, "Cremains" for Best Set Design, "Biohazardous" for Best Make-up, "Creatures of the Mist" for Best Special Effects, "Bucky McSnead" as Best Short Subject and "Ornaments" as Best Animated Short.

Sub Rosa


DEATHLIST is now available.

Written and directed by Guy McConnell and starring Andrea Garay, DEATHLIST tells the story of five friends who become the target of the calculated plan of a madman bent on their total annihilation. None of them expected this to happen. None of them expected to be chosen. None of them expected to DIE!

You can order DEATHLIST on VHS for $9.95 from

November 1, 2001

Fans of Misty Mundae can now find her on the web with a new Seduction Cinema sponsored website,

If that's not enough Misty for you, she's teaming up with Seduction alum Esmerelda DeLarocca to bring you which the two will run themselves.


John Bowker, the director of THE EVILMAKER, is currently writing a script for California's THUNDERHEAD ENTERTAINMENT (The Omega Diary) currently entitled BLACK MAGIC.

Pipedreams Entertainment


Planetfall, the new feature from Carschool Film o Rama, is a spaghetti western in science fiction clothing. Competing female bounty hunters track down the ultimate treasure on a planet wracked with turmoil. A drug named psylenol has hit the streets, stolen from a secret military program and reconditioned to be an over-the-counter psychedelic. When the general populace starts developing telekinetic powers, the corrupt government of Zita declares martial law. When the film starts, a confiscated shipment of the drug has been stolen. Now the race is on to obtain the last supply of the most powerful drug in the universe

Filming is well underway and looks to finish shortly.

Car School Films


As usual, our monthly obits come to you thanks to the hard work at the guys over at

Frederick Ziv

Pioneering television producer Frederick Ziv, known throughout the industry as "the father of syndication," died at his Cincinnati home. He was 96. With a University of Michigan law degree, Ziv landed a $10-a-week job with an advertising agency in 1929. The following year, he opened his own agency. He had a knack for concocting successful advertising slogans and campaigns and was soon applying his talents to the burgeoning radio market. Ziv traveled the country selling programs such as "Boston Blackie" and "Bold Venture" into radio syndication.

When the television era dawned, radio and movie producers thought TV was a fad with a short lifespan. Ziv thought otherwise. He staked his primetime claim before the major networks realized TV was here to stay. Among the now-classic programs Ziv brought to the small screen were "The Cisco Kid," "Sea Hunt," "Bat Masterson," "Whirlybirds" and "Highway Patrol." All were phenomenally popular and profitable. Ziv believed that a good script was the hallmark of any successful program, and on many occasions he personally hammered out first drafts. Seeing the sure-fire audience appeal of Ziv's action-adventure series, the networks soon followed suit. Many series, including the final two seasons of "The Adventures of Superman," were filmed at the Ziv facilities.

Ziv forever endeared himself to sci-fi fans with the seminal series "Science Fiction Theater." Hosted by radio vet Truman Bradley, the programs were earnest and intelligently scripted attempts to convey the wonders of science in a modestly budgeted, half-hour format. It featured top-flight actors and seasoned directors such as Jack Arnold and Herbert L. Strock. Strock, who recalls "directing two shows a week for five years" while working with Ziv, remembers Ziv as "charming, a very intelligent guy who knew his business. At the beginning, none of [the executives at ZIV] really knew much about TV; John Sinn, who was Ziv’s son-in-law, ran the ZIV film production unit, he was the president of the company. Besides me, there WERE a couple of other directors there who had SOME TV experience, but I had a LOT of it. So they gave me 'Highway Patrol,' the pilot, to do, and things like that. And 'Highway Patrol' 'sold' 10 minutes into the screening! Ziv had a great sales organization -- they could sell anything to anybody [laughs]! They were wonderful!" Ziv sold his company to Universal Artists in 1960 and turned to teaching at the University of Cincinnati-College Conservatory of Music, which presents an annual broadcasting award in his honor.

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