Directed by Christopher Frieri

Starring: Anna Ilieva, Karen Gibson, Pam Brown, Nikki Kane, Jaiko Suzuki, Lindsey Anderson, Tippi West, Nadia, Lesy, Sage, Junny Decker, Viva Knievel.

There is no better ode to the female form than Christopher Frieri's B-REEL. It's simply the most beautifully haunting erotic film I've ever seen. Nothing else comes close to capturing the supple grace of the female form so expertly.

According to the video sleeve info, this is a collection out-takes from Frieri's, and Ghost Limb Films, upcoming GOLLIWOG'S CAKE-WALK. If these are the out-takes, I can't wait to see the finished film. The black and white footage is just that beautiful.

Set to 50's surf-style rock-a-billy from a band called The Mistorsos, Frieri links together a bevy of women in various posses. Frieri's detailed, close-up camera style abstracts his subjects, breaking them down into the poetry that is the female form. Unlike the average exploitation videomaker, Frieri doesn't linger on the pink. He's more concerned with the flow of a woman's curves and the way her body moves. It's those little details of eroticism often lost by people rushing to quickly to the full monty that causes them to spend their load before they've reached the finish line.

B-REEL is a rock and roll celebration of the female form. Those looking for debasement will be sadly out of luck. This is underground cinema's finest erotic hour.

Ghost Limb Films