Produced by Carol Sessions
Written and Directed by Steve Sessions

Kimberly Lynn Cole
Lilith Stabs
Dawn Duvurger
Jeff Dylan Graham

Director Steve Sessions takes his cues from great masters like Alfred Hitchcock and Fritz Lang for the newest release from Hitch and Lang teach that tone, atmosphere, and story are much more effective when creating horror thrillers than gallons of vomit-inducing gore. The result is one of the most eerie examples of underground cinema to cross my desk. CREMAINS is filled with moments of pure horror and genuine creepiness.

CREMAINS is an anthology of shorts told from the point of view of a mortician accused of desecrating bodies. In the spotlight, he answers faceless voices hidden behind a wall of darkness and tells them stories in an attempt to divert attention away from his own crimes. The four stories he tells are the four short films in CREMAINS. They include tales of a lost traveler hunted by an entire town, a serial killer who preys upon the suicidal, a woman fearing she might be going insane is attacked by a sensual lesbian vampire, and a woman willing to do anything to have her recently deceased child brought back from the dead.

Think CREEPSHOW by way or Lucio Fulci or Dario Argento. The film excels at mood and atmosphere, which raises the otherwise standard b-genre pulp stories out of the mire of banality from which they would otherwise be plagued. Sessions condenses conventional feature length concepts down to their core elements, injecting them with sure-handed style to provide tight-nit horror entertainment. The end result isnít always even, but itís always fun.

The DVD is filled with all the standard extras, including two behind-the-scenes documentaries featuring steamy footage with sexy actress Dawn Duvurger. Thereís also an extensive trailer vault featuring popular Alternative Cinema releases, as well as up coming erotic titles. Noticeably absent was a viewable chapter index, which was listed on the back cover. Director commentary would have also been nice, but itís a small price to pay for truly fine underground horror on DVD.
Alternative Cinema