Directed by John Kain
Writer - Ann Taylor
Director of Photography - Jon March


Kim Evans
Don Spencer
Patty Wilson
Bill Beyn
Mary Vautin
Ross Stewart
Kill Mandell

The premise here is very simple, you take a bevy of gorgeous women and let them live out their fantasies through the wonders of Virtual Reality. I just wish all the women were beautiful as the box claimed. At least the women that aren't over attractive are well endowed.

Women come and go through Computer Escapes, a company specializing in providing Virtual Reality fantasies. Some fantasies range from the mundane, others go to the extreme fringes of soft core. You have the standard posing segments, where the woman just wants to look sexy. These are few and far between, most of the segments are sex related with only 2 lesbian encounters.

There is no connecting plot thread other than the V.R. facility. The women walk in, the women walk out, and sometimes the ladies even come back for seconds. No matter what the girls are doing, all segments are enjoyable. You've got the standard shower scenes as well beach and pool sequences. There is something for the pervert in all of us.

This is one of EI Cinema's first erotic releases under their Seduction Cinema label. What a way to launch a franchise!

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