Written, Directed, and Produced by Hugh Gallagher

Ghetty Chassum
Dingo Jones

Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again, ďA good exploitation film depends on a good opening sequence.Ē How about a nameless woman masturbating to images of death and destruction playing on her television? Whatís unique about this film is that it maintains its warped sense of humor throughout. It doesnít disappoint the genre fan and earns strong points there. Unfortunately the film suffers from some technical aspects: poor composition, sound, and editing.

The film opens with a jewel heist gone bad. Two apparently nameless friends need money to leave town and start a new life. While trying to complete the heist one is shot and killed by a passing policeman. The following scene is perhaps my favorite in the film; the surviving thief makes his getaway by talking a would-be drunk driver out of his car. After retrieving his dead friend, the thief takes body to the cemetery. After all, everyone deserves a proper burial.

As the thief waits in the cemetery for the cover of night they are spied by the woman from the opening sequence and seen offers to dispose of the body. What she doesnít tell our hero is that she pays the rent by collecting corpses of the recently deceased for a man dying of AIDS who is into necrophilia. I told you this film is twisted.

Masturbation, sodomy, necrophilia, and self-mutilation. This film has it all. If I could have gotten past the technical aspects I would have given this film 5 stars based due to its twistedness alone.

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