Produced by Sheri Carter and Jason Santo
Directed, Written, and Edited by Jason Santo
Videotaped by Roman Berman, Claire Folger, and Frank Parker

Peter Shemp - Jason Santo
Linda - Sheri Carter

SEX AND THE MODEL AGENT is lightweight, even for Jason Santo, and the man makes no pretense about it whatsoever. He set out to make a breezy sex comedy about absolutely nothing and that's exactly what he did.

Peter Shemp is a huge schmuck. And played by Jason Santo, he's an even bigger schmuck. He's the kind of schmuck who lucks into an evening with a gorgeous woman and is too wrapped up in the awe of the moment to even ask her name. He's the kind of schmuck who'll hold a bottle of wine with his watch hand and check the time whenever boobs are around.

You getting the picture? Schmuck! Schmuck! Schmuck!

Somehow Peter the Schmuck lucks into a date with Linda, a frisky young lady amorous intentions. If Peter can somehow pulls his head from his ass, he just might see that the lady wants to score as badly as he does. You see, Linda is a spy who hasn't had a night off in a very long time. All that killing makes a person

Real life couple, Santo and Carter, bring a loveably goofy sort of chemistry to their roles of Schmuck and Spy. The characters aren't to dissimilar from their real life personas, just exaggerated to the 10th degree. They're a cute couple who appear cute on screen. In these roles, that's really all you can ask.

On one hand, MODEL AGENT is Jason's best work. It's polished and technically clean, and looks amazing thanks in large part to the Panasonic AGX100. On the other hand, it's Santo's most forgettable work. The lack of depth, or anything truly memorable, prohibits the piece from excelling. I've watched the movie twice so far, once just yesterday, and short of the excitement caused by the notion of Strip Chess, I'm hard-pressed to remember a single moment.

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