Written, Produced, and Directed by J.L. Williams
Edited by Paul Hart
Director of Photography - Dan Yarussi

Bambi - Tammy Parks
Barbie - Sara St. James (a.k.a. Ja Lovel)
Tina - Teresa Langley
Francine - Taryn Carter

I'm willing to bet anyone who will put up the doe that the review for NUDE BOWLING PARTY will be the most read piece on this site. Hands down, no questions asked. All you have to do is put up the cash. Any takers?

I know my visitors. For the past 18 months, THE BARE WITCH PROJECT has been the most read review here. The BARE WITCH sequel and THE EROTIC WITCH PROJECT usually come in around 2 or 3. With the words "nude", "bowling", and "party" in the title, it's almost a no brainer that this one should go over like gangbusters. You guys are all perverts! How do I know? Because you're reading this baby right now! It doesn't even matter what I say, you saw those three words in the title and clicked away. I bet half of you clicked after just seeing "nude".

Being a fan of the erotic is nothing to be ashamed of. We all have our vices, and of all the things to be hooked on, I can think of far worse than tits and ass. Maybe sheep and other various farm animals would fall on the side of "far worse", but T&A from statuesque models and actresses is definitely one I would put under the "thank you God" side, especially when those models are Tammy Parks and Sara St. James.

The video itself of NUDE BOWLING PARTY is pretty review proof. Those that would rent/purchase a video titled NUDE BOWLING PARTY will get exactly what they are looking for - models stripping as they bowl. Hell, they might even get more than they bargained for with Sara St. James who is quite possibly the most amazingly sexy actress/model working today. Eunuches get turgid at the site of this girl. In my book, she's the closest thing to perfection that God has put on this mortal plain.

Now my questions to you, loyal readers, is who will be the first to start hunting this one down on eBay and how much are you willing to pay? I'm doubting some of you have even made this far before pulling up another browser to start checking. My advice: if the bidding gets over $20, give it up. You can always pick up Sara's Mac Daddy videos and see the same thing.

Oh, and thanks go out to all you perverts for keeping my stats so high. I appreciate it.