Produced by Michael Beck
Written, Edited, and Directed by Johnny Crash

Miss Manners - Kelli Summers

Fans looking for a new erotic spoof of the recent Simon Wells production of The Time Machine won't find it here in Seduction Cinema's THE EROTIC TIME MACHINE (and too bad, as that's what I was expecting). Instead we're given a greatest hits (insert your own puns, fanboy) compilation of the label's steamiest scenes. I'm sure some will see this as a cop out, but it's actually a nifty way to turn people on to the goofy charm of Seduction Cinema erotica.

What you get:

-The volcanic mud orgy from EROTIC SURVIVOR where viewers will find Ruby Larocca wallowing joyously with Misty Mudae and Darian Caine as they *cough, cough* cleanse their pores.

-Laurie Wallace discovers her lesbian tendencies in GIRL EXPLORES GIRL with a bronze sun bunny. You also get a hilarious sequence that takes place just prior where Zack Snigg tries in vein to get Laurie to go hetero.

-Zack Snigg again shows up with John Fedele from THE VAMPIRE'S SEDUCTION in what is perhaps the single most flat-out hilarious scene ever in a Seduction release as Zack tries to convince Fedele's Wally Van Helsing to ask out Debbie Rochon. After that is the Chelsae Mundea lolita orgy which still feels disturbingly wrong all these years later.

And there are also a number of sequences from titles that I haven't seen.

-A lakeside romp on EROTIC SURVIVOR 2 with Katie Jordan and Allanah Rhodes.

-The now infamous auto-erotica sequence between Tammy Parks and Roxanne Michaels from TITANIC 2000. This is also preceded by another classic Fedele moment where he plays an aging British rocker belting out one of his classics. With all the talk about this one, I really need to hunt it down.

Tying all these scenes together is Seduction's newest uber-cutie, Kelli Summers as the "lust traveler" Miss Manners. As the vignettes play out, she gets more naked until she gloriously basks in her own self-indulgence just before the credits roles.

The rest of the disk includes a number of trailers to Seduction's more popular titles, many of which I myself now feel inclined to track down myself. With Christmas coming up, maybe you should think of THE EROTIC TIME MACHINE as a stocking stuffer for your favorite perv. If this doesn't get them hooked, nothing will.

Seduction Cinema