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Bent: Vol 1: Coming Soon!

Blood for the Muse: Psychological horror about the ill's of obsession.

Dangerous Mode: Coming Soon.

Day of the Ax 2: An homage to the great slasher flicks from the 80's.

Deep Dark Woods:

Good Grief: Young gamers come of age during a real life quest.

Hardboiled Heroes: Pulp action circa 1960's.

Hardcore Poisoned Eyes: Intense horror in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre tradition.

Inquisition: From the boy at RandomFoo.com

Lord of the Dead: Satanic horror! *New*

Mr. Black: Amazing Horror Action film that embraces all genres.

Mondo Pagan: Documentary revealing many of the myths surrounding Paganism.

Raging Hormones: A good old-fashioned sex comedy.

The Risen: Morality tale disguised as horror.

Shudder: Ghosts and past lives haunt a group of young college students.

Silver Scream

Track 16: A Rock and Roll mystery.

Violence is my Business: Anthology of 1960's style pulp action.

The Donald Farmer Collection


THE BLOODY BEST OF THE SPLATTER TIMES: interviews with Joel Reed, Cameron Mitchell, Richard Johnson and much more

Cashiers du Cinemart: Coming Soon!

Cult Cuts: Purchase Now!

Hacker's Source: Subscribe Now!

Micro-film Magazine: Coming Soon!

Next Tuesday: Coming Soon!

Ultra-Violent: Subscribe Now!