Produced by Greg Lewis
Directed and Written by Greg Lewolt

Lab Man - Toby Dammit
Club Owner - J. Scott Bovitz
Brinke Stevens
Vesper Almasy
Tuesday Coren

After an overly long introductory narration where the convoluted history of a race of space aliens who once bred human woman with another subservient alien race, I found myself listening for the word "demon" mentioned anywhere in Greg Lewolt's DEMON SEX. Apparently, my effort was in vain as I never heard it stated once which eventually had me wondering if the title was a complete misnomer. When I read the words "demon sex," images from an Ed Lee novel come to mind. Lee has made a career with titles like CITY INFERNAL and FLESH GOTHIC that blend brutal demonic and pagan imagery with explicit sex.

While falling short of Lee's caustic imagination, it's hard to deny that Lewolt didn't give it the old college try. He has the sex part down pat. So much so that this Video Outlaw release rivals anything on ei Cinema's sister labels Shock-O-Rama and Seduction Cinema. More than any previous ei release, DEMON SEX crams as many various fetish types into it's 90 minute running time as it can. The movie often left me with the feeling that its sole purpose for existing was to show Karo-covered cuties in every conceivable fetish devised by perverts everywhere: pools, showers, kitchens, bondage, asphyxiation, male-on-female beatings, etc...

Despite the amount of skin, DEMON SEX still manages to come off dull. Right after that overly long introductory narration, viewers are treated to an overly long scene where a scientist/fanboy, sporting a Danzig t-shirt under his lab coat, carries on a one-sided phone conversation regarding his lab's recent discovery of alien DNA. From there events move to the only place where bio-engineers can discuss their findings - the local nudie bar. Viewers are immediately treated to a pole dance by a rockhard, raven-haired amazon as well as a fetish sex act by a Jean Rollin-esque nymphet. Sadly, the sequences drag long.

Borrowing the twist from Taratino's FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, the strip club is really a front for a halfway house specializing in bringing alien-impregnated women to full term while they lounge around the house either frolicking in the pool or getting pre-natal care from scream goddess Brinke Stevens (who, by the way, looks better at 50+ years of age then many gals half her age). Brinke is the leader/midwife bringing new life into the world and doing her best to secure a future. The highlights of her efforts include a sort of nude Lamaze as well as a wildly outrageous childbirthing scene that includes images of the fetus in the womb that provides the movie's single, and much needed, dose of hilarity`. During the birthing scene, I found myself wondering if Brinke knew what she was getting into when she agreed to do the movie.

Those looking for a movie that's little more than a non-stop barrage of blood, boobs, and butt, will find what they are looking for. DEMON SEX unfolds with that same sort of misogynist nonsensical vibe found in only one other movie, BANGERS ( a.k.a. ZOMBIE NINJA GANGBANGERS) - the single worst movie I've ever seen. The only difference between the two movies is the level of degradation placed upon actresses. While sleazy, DEMON SEX doesn't come close to BANGERS rape-fueled depravity, but might very well contain just enough to give the movie some sort of cult following.

The dvd release contains two short films, DEMON TREASURE and DEMON FAMILIAR, both better than the main feautre. Also, keeping inline with ei's current trend of including 8mm Peepshow titles, viewers will find MARTA'S DIRTY DRINK.

Video Outlaw